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Krupok Udang

Don’t think many people do this any more – make your own keropok (note my grandmother’s different spelling) from scratch. Normally, we’d just buy the dried, raw version in slices and deep fry it. Or more likely, we just buy keropok ready fried and sealed in nice plastic packaging.

As for ‘Robin Starch’, the strange thing is that my internet research indicates it was a household starch mainly used for starching clothes and bedlinen, not cooking! Then again, clothes can be starched with a variety of edible products such as cornflour/cornstarch + water, sugar water, rice water or potato water; but I’m not certain what the ingredients in Robin Starch were. Robin Starch was produced by Reckitt & Colman (Reckitt of ‘Reckitt’s Blue’ and Colman of Colman’s Mustard, which we can still buy today, merged in 1938). By the way, I love this postcard of a little cat looking at box of Robin Starch!

Krupok Udang

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