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I’ve never tried bitter gourd cooked this way even though bitter gourd has been a long-standing staple on our family dining table. Since the time she was in her eighties, my grandmother ate bitter gourd at least once a day. Ah Kum-che, our black and white amah, always cooked it stir-fried with sliced beef and black beans. However after Ah Kum-che retired, the bitter gourd was cooked more simply, stir-fried plain with just chopped garlic. In more recent years, the tiny, extra-bitter bitter gourd has become widely available and my grandmother preferred them to the normal, large bitter gourd, which she pronounced as ‘tasteless’. People often asked what my grandmother’s secret to good health and longevity was, and perhaps one can say ‘a bitter gourd a day keeps the doctor away’ :)!

Bitter gourd is known to lower blood pressure, and drinking raw bitter gourd juice daily can help those with a high blood pressure problem. It’s also a cooling food. So perhaps not the thing for those with low blood pressure and constitution that is too ‘liang’.

No, I haven’t left out the instructions, there just aren’t any :/.

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