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NiceRecipes in Evernote!

As an avid Evernote user, imagine how surprised I was to find an image from my blog used in the Evernote website section on the application of this information management software for cooks and foodies! One of my photographs of grandma’s recipe notebook was used to illustrate how the advanced features in Evernote can recognise handwriting in images and thus help one to manage non-textual files too.

Since Evernote clipped a page from me, here’s a screenshot of their page featuring my page!

Evernote Nice Recipes

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Nice having tea

I just came across this lovely photograph of my grandmother having tea, probably taken in the early 1930s. The British habit of afternoon tea was common amongst anglicised Asians in colonial Singapore, who continued this practice through later decades, long after Singapore had broken away from colonial rule. Growing up with my grandparents in the 1970s and 80s, tea at five o’clock was a daily family ritual.

In the photograph, notice the combination of British and Asian food customs. Next to the English-style tea set are a Chinese bowl and soup spoon as well as a Chinese tea cup. The large serving dish in the centre with a dark liquid as well as the bowls makes me think some kind of pudding was being eaten. Sago pudding, for example, was one of the tea time dishes in my family, and always eaten with a Chinese rice bowl and soup spoon.

Nice tea

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I just came across this photo of my paternal great-grandmother (the original source of the Nonya recipes in this collection) and her daughter, my Koh Poh Florence, painstakingly making poh piah egg skins over charcoal stoves, c.1953. Note the stack of completed skins piled up on the crate in between the two ladies. An upside-down wicker basket is used to cool each skin before it’s placed in the main pile – my grandmother taught me to do this too, only we used a plastic basket instead.

I don’t have any other family photos like this so am overjoyed by this find :).

Do check out my other poh piah entries here.

Making Poh Piah Skin

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