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This recipe was on a slip of paper inserted inside the notebook. I would date it to the early 1980s because of (1) the ball point pen used and (2) the paper is the yellowish, coarse paper that was used for cyclostyled documents – wow, that’s something we haven’t seen since the advent of photocopying! All my lower primary school worksheets were produced by cyclostyling on this kind of paper. Grandmother never wasted any scrap of paper; she would save shopping receipts to write on the back, and cut up used paper into note-sized sheets like this. Maybe this paper was once part of something that came from my grandfather’s office :)? The marks of a rusty paperclip on the top left hand side also give this little scrap of yellowed paper its character.

I’m unfamiliar with the use of bicarbonate of soda for marinating meat, must check up on this when I get the time.

Roast Pork Ribs

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Fried Chicken

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After that long series of poh piah postings, let’s move on to some chicken recipes.

This one seems straightforward enough, but there’s probably some skill involved in doing good fried chicken – probably to do with getting the correct temperature of the oil.
Chicken Fried

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I’m not sure what Mesak Lada is, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it before. Looks like a kind of rempah with pepper (lada) instead of chillies -? I’m not sure what the ingredient ‘Sak Luk’ is either. Please leave a comment if you know :)! [NB: See answer on ‘Unfamiliar Ingredients’ page.]

Kunyit is Malay for ‘tumeric’, and Nam Keong is Cantonese for ‘blue ginger’ or rather, galangal also known as lengkuas in Malay. This is a difficult recipe to follow, no quantities to help us out.

Mesak Lada

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